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Mentor Program

Mentor Application Part I

Please complete the following form as the first step in order to be evaluated for the program.

In Part II of this process (due by December 31, 2022), you'll be invited to join our initial mentor pool and asked to fill out your profile information in Metabeta. You will have to create an entirely new login and password on Metabeta if you don't already have one!

  • This invitation process is manual, so please be patient and allow 1-2 business days hours for us to send the invite!
  • Watch for the invitation email from in your inbox (check spam too!) <noreply@metabeta.com>.

NOTE: If you are already part of our mentor pool in Metabeta from a previous cohort;  we'll skip this step!


Please reach out to me to discuss

The Basics

Your Preferences

One (1)
Two (2)

Please note that we almost always match our Entrepreneurs/Mentees with more than one Mentor. So you'll be working as part of a team of Mentors, no matter how many Entrepreneurs you are matched with.

Concept (no product/may have a plan)
Pre-startup (prototype/alpha or beta/may have a plan)
Startup (some revenue/early adopters)
Emerging Growth (revenues up to $2M)

Your Experience Mentoring Startups

Yes, I'm a recent Mentor (within the last year)
Yes, but it's been a while
No, I'm a newbie!

If NO, tell us about any startup mentoring experience you have had (when/ with what organization) or why you're interested in mentoring startups.

Standards of Behavior

I have read and agree to the standards of behavior set forth by this program.

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